Description: The Seasoned Performers of Red Mountain Theatre Company celebrates the contributions of older adults by producing both original and well-known material, providing performance opportunities for seniors, and bringing live theatre to special and often underserved audiences. Our presentations may be populated with seasoned actors, but the performances appeal to people of ALL AGES!

A school child recently wrote us:
"Thank you for coming to read to our class... I hope we will get to watch another play of yours! I wonder how many places have you been to? And the name Seasoned Performers, it's a good name for you. Do you travel the world a lot? I wish we could see you again."

An adult said: "The acting was really good, the set was wonderful and so were the props. The script is very funny and the message is great!"

And a senior group told us: "Your play is one of the highlights of our year. We are already looking forward to your return."

Founded: 1984

Status: A 501(c)(3) non profit company which relies on community and corporate support, grants, foundation support, and performance fees


Purpose: To give an outlet to vibrant seniors (those who have acted professionally or in the community, as well as those who are just beginning); to support older adults who want to continue contributing to the community; to project a positive view of aging; to reach urban, rural, suburban, and underserved populations with live theatre


Wings: The Seasoned Actors, The Seasoned Readers, The Seasoned Salon Readers (see fuller description under "What We Do")


Performers: Around 50 actors and readers


Service: To over 145,000 people over the last 30 years (and over 5,000 each year), touching up to 8 counties annually, and touring across Alabama more than any other arts group in the state. TSP’s programs DO NOT duplicate those of any other arts group in the state.


Production Schedule: Plays and readings yearly enhance lives at over 130 different retirement facilities, schools, churches, libraries, and community centers, plus we also reach the general public through many venues. Several times each month, our Readers reach out to several Memory Care locations. They also read in a number of schools, helping with literacy and reading goals. Our touring play usually performs at least once a year for the general public. And our Salon Readers, a group of accomplished local actors, present a series of events annually for audiences of all ages.


National Recognition: One of sixteen arts groups from across America listed on the NEA website for Creativity and Aging: Best Practices


Honors: 2007 award for “Outstanding Contribution to the Theatre Community” from the Birmingham Area Theatre Alliance; nominated for the 2008 Non-Profit of the Year given by the Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce; 2008 UAB’s Center for Aging “New Horizons Award” recognizing Not-for-Profit organizations which benefit the health and well-being of older adults.

TSP Founders, Martha Haarbauer and Barbara Bonfield

History of The Seasoned Performers

1984:  Launched as the Prime Time Players in 1984, TSP started under the auspices of the Jefferson County Office of Senior Citizens’ Activities. At that time, the company recruited six actors from the federal Senior AIDES program to entertain senior adults at area senior centers. Programming was created, rehearsed, and produced by a single director. Barbara Bonfield and Martha Haarbauer were the cofounders of the group.

1986:  In 1986, TSP commissioned its first script, Rosa and the Rhinestone Star, created with a grant from the Alabama State Council on the Arts. That same year, the program moved under the umbrella of a nonprofit organization called the Jefferson County Council on Aging.
1988: Two years later, in 1988, TSP became an all-volunteer troupe and began touring to a wider variety of community sites. Each year, the group brought to life a newly commissioned script for its growing audiences. 

1998 - After a successful decade of touring, a new performance wing, the Seasoned Readers, was established. 

2002: Perhaps the biggest move came in 2002 whenThe Seasoned Performers, Inc. developed into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and the first board of directors was formed.2002 - The Seasoned Performers, Inc. was established as a nonprofit organization. The founding directors were Jim Anderson, Martha Haarbauer, and Debi Strevy. The first board of directors was formed. 

2006:  By 2006, the board created a long-range plan to expand services, to develop the educational potential of the program, and to serve more of the population with high quality theatre and theatre activities for seniors. This plan expanded the staff from a single director, and added Ellise Mayor as Artistic Director.
2007: In 2007, TSP generated another branch, the Salon Readers, comprised of some of the most accomplished seasoned actors in Alabama, available to perform readings of select scenes and short plays at public and private events. Also, longtime Executive Director and Founder, Martha Haarbauer retired and Barbara Sloan took over as ED. Martha continued on staff as Readers Coordinator.

2012 to present, Barbara Sloan retired as ED and Ellise Mayor served as Program Manager and Artistic Director.  In 2015 Martha Haarbauer continued as Interim Program Manager and Readers Coordinator.  Guest directors were engaged to direct the plays.  A transition to become The Seasoned Performers of Red Mountain Theatre Company has started in October, 2016.  We look forward to an exciting future!!